ME vs ME

Sometimes it feels like it’s me against the world, but a very wise person recently reminded me that even in my darkest hours I have one thing that remains constant and unwavering; me. She explained how my inner strength and ability to move past obstacles is continually motivation to her. Now, I don’t know about all … Continue reading

Still kicking…

Originally posted on My Glorified Journal:
Phew!  It has been quite an interesting week and a half. Let’s start at the beginning.  The Arnold.  What a great experience.  I arrived in Columbus, OH Thursday around 5pm.  Met my friend at the hotel, drove down to the Convention Center to check out where all the events…

Beep beep boop…

WARNING: Abstract thought-train ahead… While I impatiently waited the 30 seconds for the “beep, beep, boop…” version of a “Loading…” message to lead me to my new post page, my brain decided to go off on a little tangent. Although, I suppose it isn’t so far off base, being a reflection on my impatience. Ever … Continue reading

It took a little while to sink in…

Three years ago, January, I started blogging with My Glorified Journal. My first declared engagement was to compete in a Figure Competition in May 2012. I trained, I competed, I won. It was a great feeling and propelled me into the fitness industry to share my passion with clients. Changing their lives as fitness changed mine. … Continue reading


Gone are the days of having hours to dedicate to the gym, to meal prep and to a good night’s sleep. Reality has set in and it has been a struggle. My job has become, well less of a “job” and more of a “career”. I was very fortunate at the latter end of 2014 … Continue reading

A long time coming…

I must apologize for my more than brief hiatus. Let’s catch up a little. I’m still living in New York and have not so surprisingly found myself jumping back into the fitness profession. The last few months I have acted as a Membership Consultant for a prominent fitness club, but February has me diving head … Continue reading

Do’s and Dont’s

There are of course “Do’s and Dont’s” in fitness. There are also the “Hell No’s” and the “What the Hell Are You Doing’s”. But does that mean fitness is one size fits all? Hell no. Yes, there are guidelines, but realistically there are so many variables involved to be able to say one methodology is … Continue reading

Rest & Relaxation

A little R&R never hurt anyone, right? It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Between holiday travel, moving into my new abode, and the day-to-day I love so much, my training didn’t exactly get the attention it deserves. Horrified that it would ruin my progress, I have been beating myself up mentally about my … Continue reading


The “Honey-Do” List, something oh so familiar to couples and homeowners everywhere. This list is comprised of all those projects that need to be completed around the home, large and small. Typically it sounds a little something like “Honey, do this….” Unfortunately, because I’m single it’s more of a “Get Off Your Lazy Ass and … Continue reading