Healthy Changes – A New Starting Point

I never really struggled with weight growing up.  I was an athlete all my life and never had to pay much attention to what I ate.  But as many of us know, with age and life changes maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not quite that easy.

Things started shifting downhill for me when I was forced to cut what kept me active out of my life for a while when I obtained a few injuries playing lacrosse.  Moving away to college, saying goodbye to team sports and eating like a college kid certainly did not help my situation.

In June 2010 I finally admitted to myself that something needed to change.  My sporadic, subpar workouts paired with eating pretty much whatever I wanted was destroying my body inside and out.  Not only did I not look as good as I used to, but I became tired, unmotivated, stressed and always felt a bit off.  I was unhappy.  Then, I found Body Blocks.

It was a fluke really.  I was selling advertising for a local TV station and decided to set my sights on fitness centers.  My first meeting with Bob Bateson, owner at Body Blocks Fitness, lasted 3 hours and it was a conversation that changed my life.  I came back the next day and signed up for a 3-month unlimited training membership.

Step 1 was to figure out what exactly I was working with and where focus needed to be directed.  Within my first week I came in for an InBody 520 (developed by BioSpace).  This InBody test did not just spit back a simple number like my bathroom scale does.  It showed me my weight, lean body mass, body fat, intra and extracellular water levels, BMI (Body Mass Index), PBF (Percent Body Fat) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).  It even broke down my lean mass by areas in my body (right arm, left arm, trunk, etc).

Now I had a starting point.  Something to help us decide what areas needed improvement (which at this point was pretty much everything) and develop individualized diet goals.  Here is what I had to absorb.  I was aware I was in bad shape, but actually seeing this was a bit shocking.

I’ve come a long way since June 2010 both physically and on a whole.  Bob and his staff at Body Blocks have helped me learn to live a healthier lifestyle.  And now, I would like to set my sights a bit higher.

Here is an invitation to join me on my journey to becoming a Bikini and Figure Fitness Competitor and Body Blocks has agreed to help me accomplish my goal.  I haven’t picked which event I will be making my amateur debut at quite yet, as I still have a long way to go and will make the judgment based on my progress.  I will be keeping you up-to-date on training, dieting and all of the emotional baggage. Oh and yes, all those numbers we as women don’t like to share!

Nevertheless, a new goal means a new starting point.  Today was the moment of truth.  So here goes:

Wish me luck!

One thought on “Healthy Changes – A New Starting Point

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