And so it begins…

Today was the first workout of what seems like the start of the rest of my life.  I am so excited to get going on reaching this goal and it is such a great feeling to see my trainers in full support of my decision.

There are 3 trainers at Body Blocks that are going to be my main support during this process.  Each trainer has a slightly different style that combined give me a very well rounded training schedule.

To kick off the week, we started with a full body workout.  Because I already have a pretty decent lean muscle foundation, we have dropped our weights and picked up the pace.   The goal is to get moving and not let my heart rate drop throughout the session.  We focus on utilizing compound movements.  Rounds are broken up by large muscle groups, each time throwing in some core.  Our last 2 rounds place focus on working small muscle groups, with of course a little bit core.

Below was my workout for tonight.  It was fast paced with minimal water breaks!

Workout Length – approximately 45 mins.

:: 3 minutes Jacobs Ladder 80-85 steps/min ::

1st two rounds: Chest

  • squat scoop 15 reps @ 30lbs
  • lunge press 16 reps @ 40lbs
  • freeform push-up and knee tuck 12 reps- followed by 6x pikes
  • bench press (45lb bar) with leg raise 15 reps

:: 2 minutes cardio -Incline 20 Resistance 60 ::

2nd two rounds: Back

  • squat low-row 15 reps @ 60lbs
  • lunge high-row 16 reps @ 60lbs
  • TRX rows – 5x palms down – 5x neutral grip – 5x palms up

:: 2 minutes cardio – Incline 20 Resistance 60 ::

Next two rounds: Legs

  • step-up knee thrust 10 reps each leg
  • bulgarian split-squat 10 reps each leg
  • squat 15 reps
  • hamstring curl with hip thrust on a stability ball 15 reps
  • hold hamstring curl on ball 6x hip thrusts
  • hand-to-foot stability ball passes 12 reps
  • Hold stability ball between shins and hands – drop opposite hand and leg without moving the ball – alternating total 10 each side

:: 2 minutes of cardio – Incline 20 Resistance 60 ::

last two rounds: Bis, Tris & Shoulders

  • squat bicep curl arnold press 10 reps @ 15lbs
  • bicep curls 5 reps @ 15lbs
  • TRX skull-crushers 12 reps
  • TRX skull-crushers with lunge 8 reps
  • Rear delt fly on seated machine 12 reps @ 50lbs

Any questions regarding exercises I did, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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