What a great feeling

I’ll be honest.  This week was a bit of a struggle.  The first official week of my dietary change came with a visit to the doctor that left me far from comfortable, a networking event, box seats to a Buffalo Bandits game, day trip to SUNY Fredonia and, with an attempt not to over-share too much, the one week I crave everything greasy, salty and chocolately.  All things considered, I think I did pretty well.

There were some small instances where I strayed a bit from my diet, I know I know shame on me.  But I am owning up to it and will by no means lie and say I was a perfect angel this past week.

Throughout all of it I stayed strong and had no alcoholic beverages! Yay me!  I even packed meals to take to Fredonia with me.  And when I did slip up it was definitely in moderation.  My self control is improving a bit.

I managed to hit the gym 4 days and get in some pretty great workouts.  I even went at 7am on Saturday.  Be impressed.

There has been some progress made.  Getting ready for my exciting night of bowling on Saturday helped me realized that not a single pair of jeans in my wardrobe actually fit me anymore.  And yes, in a very good way.  I need to invest in a belt…or two.  Considering just a few weeks ago I couldn’t fit comfortably in most of them I’d say its a decent accomplishment.  By the way I own 53 pairs of jeans.  That’s not a joke.

So, I’m pumped that I’m dropping some weight, but I can’t wait to start leaning out.  I made it through official week 1 and it’s time start cutting out more of those slip ups.

High hopes for this week!



Stay tuned…

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