World meet K.E.H.P.T.

I wanted to introduce you all to a revolutionary company that takes the working class wellness phenomenon to the next level.

K.E.H.P.T. – Keeping Employees Healthy Productive and Thankful


KEHPT handles all corporate wellness needs, but specialize in helping businesses identify their key players having the greatest impact on performance and then designing result-specific health and fitness programs.

Who are the Key Players?  It doesn’t necessarily have to be your CEOs, VPs, and Management.  Instead, think about those employees that if they were gone for a day, or two, or a week, it would have an exponential impact on the business.

What is the benefit of applying tailored wellness programs?  Not only does it reap individual rewards such as stress reduction, increased energy and more, but it benefits a company as a whole.  Keeping employees healthy helps them to operate at optimal performance levels.  It also effects and inspires those around them.

Making an investment in employees adds a lengthy list of long-lasting return for a business.

As an actual KEHPT employee in Western New York I can attest that we practice what we preach!  The company has made the investment to continue my membership at Body Blocks, one of our certified KEHPT personal training facilities.

You have realized by now how passionate I am about my health, and I very well should be.  My body is my only vehicle in this world and I have to do right by it.  Not only have I made progress with my weight goals bolstering my self confidence and the way I carry myself – extremely important as a salesperson – but I have more energy, I am more focused and am extremely dedicated to them for making the investment in me.  In a nutshell – it’s motivating!

So check us out @ and on Facebook!

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