Chest, Tri & Shoulder Day… OUCH

Okay, I know I am totally missing some pieces of this workout but here’s what I have for you from my Chest, Tricep & Shoulder day with Paul:

(Oh and please be patient some of these exercises weren’t that easy to put in words!)

:: 6 minutes Arc Trainer incline 20 resistance 80 ::


  • BOSU push-ups (1 hand on ball/ 1 hand on floor – switch with each rep) – 16 reps
  • iso lateral chest press – 15 reps per arm w/ 20lb dumbbells
  • TRX single leg squat with jump (one foot in TRX strap- squat pushing leg back into a jump) – 15 reps per leg

:: 2 minutes Arc Trainer incline 20 resistance 100 ::


  • Power Plate static push-up (hold static push-up- feet on medicine ball- switch lifting one foot off the ball for :05 at a time) – :30 High 40
  • seated chest fly – 15 reps w/ 15lb dumbbells

:: 2 minutes Arc Trainer incline 20 resistance 100 ::

Bench Press:

  • 2 ROUNDS – 12 reps @ 65lbs
  • 3 ROUNDS – 12 reps @ 75lbs


  • TRX skull crushers (tricep extension) – 15 reps
  • tricep pushdown – 15 reps @ 30lbs
  • leg raises – 15 reps

:: 2 minutes Jacobs Ladder average 90 ft/min ::


  • Power Plate dips (feet on medicine ball) – :30 High 40
  • reverse grip tricep pulldown – 15 reps @ 20lbs
  • lateral shoulder raise – 15 reps w/ 10lbs dumbbells
  • TRX wide T’s (shoulders) – 15 reps


I finished the evening off with a 1 3/4 mile run and long walk with a friend.  I threw my cardio in after the workout to get the fat burn going.  Contrary to popular belief you get more out of your cardio when it’s done after resistance training.  Check out the logic behind this one.. Cardio or Resistance Training?

I’m definitely not running for the fun of it.  Paul told me to add in more cardio at least 3x a week.  Plus I wasn’t the only one who needed to run off some frustration!

Overall not too shabby in my opinion!


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