Death by Chocolate and Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

I allowed myself some liberties this weekend that I am regretting after the fact.  However, turning it into a positive for moving forward, I definitely learned a few lessons that will hopefully help my sense of control.

First let’s take a look at Friday.  I trimmed down on some of my meals knowing that after Rock Climbing, a friend and I were going out to dinner at Pano’s – one of my favorite restaurants.  I wasn’t too bad at dinner.  I ordered Broiled Haddock with Crab Meat, fresh steamed broccoli and had a few glasses of water.

Now for the not so great part.  My friend and I split a bottle of my favorite red wine – it literally tastes like juice – and almost polished off the whole thing.  We had a few drinks when we hit the bars after dinner.  Not having a drink since I started training my tolerance was ummmm not so good.  Drinking a fraction of what I can usually handle on a long night out left me down for the count.  I didn’t make it to the gym or work the next morning. 😦

I ate less than normal on Saturday, but am happy to say all meals consisted of my trainers approved food!

Sunday.  Super Bowl Sunday.  Being able to admit to myself that when put in situations like the Super Bowl-  when you’re surrounded by friends who are drinking and eating without any concerns- I have very little will power and had to take some precautions.  I had a smaller breakfast, still consisting of eggs and oatmeal.  Had chicken and veggies for lunch and went for a 4 mile run.

However, I was not prepared for my friends to have loads of my two favorite party snacks- brownies and buffalo chicken wing dip.  I allowed myself to indulge a bit.  My friend Sarah always makes the most outrageous goodies and of course she brought the brownies.  They were light, moist and covered in chocolate chips.  YUM!  And the wing dip our friends boyfriend made definitely did not disappoint.

My body didn’t seem to appreciate my desire to treat myself as much as I did.  So after being sick Saturday morning and upsetting my stomach last night, I think staying away from some of those treats won’t be as difficult.

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