Rollin’… Rollin’… Rollin’

I’m making a pretty intense recovery from my less than progressive weekend.  On Monday I was 100% back on track with my diet and when I hit the gym that evening my trainer Chris Stuff reassured my fear that I was starting to lose some of my muscle mass… and with it my strength.

His solution – let’s keep up the pace and step up the weights.  In other words… let’s run Stephanie into the ground.  Yay me!   Monday with Chris and Tuesday with Paul consisted of two full body sessions that pumped up my workout style- combining a pre-competition training style and the newer fast paced fat burning workouts we’ve been doing the last few weeks.

Tonight I was back with Chris for a killer leg workout that had my quads and hammys on fire!

After doing more research on some real competitors earlier this week, I realized just how far I have to go.  It doesn’t matter what the scale says or how the numbers turn out during my weigh-ins, I need to look the part.  Unfortunately, I don’t.

Never having pushed my body this way before I’m not entirely sure how to set realistic expectations for my results.  Unhappy with my progress I took it upon myself to push a little harder.  As of this morning I’ve added in 5am 20 minute Pilates videos to do before work a few days a week.  5AM… I know.  Ouch that’s early!  Pilates seems like a great way for me to focus on sculpting my core which is where I need the most work.  On top of “power-house” focus, I can stretch out and increase my flexibility.

Last week I read an article in the Buffalo News about a born and raised Western New Yorker, only a year older than me, that has had quite a trip in life.  Corinna Booth is a Figure Competitor.  And quite a good one at that!  Reading this article helped reassure me why I chose to do this in the first place.  Naturally, I tracked her down.

Finding her Facebook was piece of cake.  Posting on her fan page has possibly even landed me the opportunity to connect with someone who has gone through all the physical and emotional struggles that lie ahead of me.  That connection is invaluable.

Especially as a woman my appearance has always been something that’s played me emotionally.  There are a lot of deeper aspects to this journey.  Some were expected.  Some not so much.  Other than dealing with how my peers view my decision to compete, there are a lot of changes happening physically that I am not sure how to handle yet.  I am hoping that as I push forward I can conquer some of these obstacles.

I’d also like to let everyone know that I made maybe the best fitness apparel investment of my life today.  Sports bras and I have never exactly been friends.  Squeezing into 3 bras to go for a run or hit the gym is a bit irritating.  It literally feels as if I am squishing myself.  I can’t breathe.  Don’t even think about breaking into any plyometrics!  Welcome my savior!  The Under Armour C Support High-Impact Bra has single handedly replaced every sports bra I’ve ever tried.  If anyone has shared this issue with me… try it out!  You won’t be disappointed!

SPOILER ALERT!! This Saturday is my first weigh-in since training started.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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