Social Misunderstandings

Having an actual social life while on a strict training regime is not easy.  It’s not only an issue of how good your self control is or isn’t, but has a great deal to do with how your friends perceive what you’re trying to accomplish.

Most people don’t understand why I chose to take on this challenge and therefore don’t respect that I have to eat certain meals and regimented times, can’t drink alcohol, can’t make late night fast food runs or go out for ice cream, but that doesn’t mean my life is over.  The food I can handle.  I’m actually enjoying the diet.  My body feels better eating clean.  How sad is it that my idea of cheating on my diet is indulging in a GNC Chocolate Lean Shake (so good by the way and only 6grams of carbs!)?!

The no drinking alcohol spiel… Well let’s be honest, most of my friends I’ve known for quite some time and they were my friends before I turned 21 when I had never had a sip of alcohol in my life (no joke, I’m not just saying this because the legal drinking age is 21).  I went out and had a blast then… I can go out and have a blast 100% stone cold sober now.

So what I can’t eat goodies and make late night food runs.  That doesn’t mean you can’t.  Don’t feel bad, this is my choice I can handle it.  If I have to suffer through watching you eat some Coldstone, enjoying that Frappuccino, or scarfing down those McDonald’s fries… so be it.  To be perfectly honest, the sound of most of those things makes my stomach churn at the moment.  Yes, I’ve slipped up.  Today, for example, I had a bridal shower 1 1/2 hours from home and had to eat what was give to me.  On my way home I chugged some Pepto Bismol because I felt so sick.

My point is… Yes, it is very difficult to always say no to things. But don’t treat me differently.  Don’t look at me funny because I am making the right choice to stick with my goal.  Don’t feel like you can’t invite me somewhere because it would be torture.  Stop drawing attention to the changes and they’ll stop bothering you like they’ve stopped bothering me.

When all is said and done, I feel phenomenal.  Other members at Body Blocks are commenting on the changes I’ve made so quickly.  “You look like a new woman since you’ve started here” I was told by a fellow member after my Saturday morning workout.  I’m not there yet but I’m working at it.

Even today, girls in the bridal party of my friends wedding that I haven’t seen since the last Wedding Shower told me how great I look.  It’s the reassurance by those I see less often, a small handful of very supportive friends, and that feeling I get when I look in the mirror that keeps me going.

Just the other day I was told “You don’t have to do this”.  I’m aware I don’t have to do it.  I didn’t make this choice because I was that upset with my appearance.  I came a long way the last year and a half and have felt pretty damn good about that.  But I want to do this.

I want something to work toward.  An end in sight.  Haven’t you ever wanted to push yourself to make yourself better?  Prove to you and only you that you can achieve something not everyone else can?  I do.

By competition time I will be in the best shape of my life.  When it’s all over the challenge will be to find a comfortable fit for my body.  I won’t always be competition ready.  Life will return to normal.  My diet won’t be as strict although I will probably still maintain a healthier diet than most.  Best of all I will finally have a body I can truly be proud of.  I won’t be perfect.  No one is.  But I can not be ashamed to strut my stuff in a bikini, flaunt that pair of shorts, or rock that spaghetti strap dress.


So give me my fews months strict dieting and excessive gym going.  Let me get that spray tan and wear that itty-bitty bikini on stage.  Just be happy for me.

2 thoughts on “Social Misunderstandings

  1. That’s awesome that you are so strong towards your end goal and can handle the social pressure of making choices that don’t jive with the lifestyle of your friends.

    I live in a place where binge drinking is the norm and have made the decision to stop drinking indefinitely. I may have an occassional glass of wine but going out, doing shots and binge drinking does not excite me or move me closer towards my purpose. I love waking up feeling good, being able to work out, saving the calories and the dollars.

    That doesn’t mean I haven’t been going to parties or going out on the weekend. People have generally been supportive of my choice but the people that really know me, know that when I make up my mind I will not waiver. i respect their decisions and they need to respect mine.

    Great to see other people who haven’t sacrificed their social lives just because they’ve made some choices that cut out some common social behaviors.


    • It’s great that you’ve held your ground. It is not easy to say no. And it’s a lot harder even when the people around you don’t understand your decision and constantly question or comment on that choice to pass. It’s nice to hear that those closest to you are respectful of your choice. Keep up the good work!


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