Re-Inspired and it feels so good…

Today was one of those days where you wake up and from the get-go you know its going to be a flippin’ awesome day.  Okay, well maybe it wasn’t right from the get-go as I was still feeling a tad under-the-weather (I was sick all weekend ::sad face::).  But at some point today, when my sniffles starting dwindling, I felt incredible.

But why?  Well, this is my last week of full-time employment as a Mortgage Specialist because it’s time to honker down and follow my dreams to take my advertising agency to new heights.

I also secured my supplemental gym membership.  I am now a Best Fitness goer.  A friend of mine gave me a hot tip that one was opening up a few blocks from my house.  Now it’s not open yet, but they’re letting me utilize their location near my office for free until mid-May when the new one is up and running.  I know, my competition is mid-May.  But I figured it couldn’t hurt to keep it up after.  The current location isn’t too inconvenient and has hours that will work nicely with my schedule and in addition to Body Blocks, and the new one will be open 24-hours… yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen… I said 24-hours.  It cost $0 down and only $9.99/mo.  I’m not complaining.

Most important of all, I started off this week with a killer workout.  Chris Stuff of Body Blocks took me through 9 grueling rounds of kick-butt exercises and I made it through each and every one.  Not only is my horrible bloating starting to subside, but I’m starting to see real definition.  I know last week I had a little bit of a freakout, but this is it.  I’m really doing it.  To top it off I can last longer during runs, I no longer feel the need to fall to the ground after a cardio “break” and my muscle endurance is nothing to laugh at.

Cut to slightly embarrassing moment… I may need to consider investing in new workout gear as my yoga pants were failing to stay up during my agility sets.  Thank goodness its just me and Stuffanutter (don’t tell him I call him that, I just can’t help it) on Monday nights, or I would’ve been putting on quite a show.  Note to self–don’t wear lacy panties to the gym.

Guess what’s coming up the end of this week?! Okay, I’ll tell you.  The 2012 Arnold Festival!  I know, you can’t contain your excitement!

I’m super pumped to go.  This will be my first headfirst dive into this fitness arena and I’m not 100% sure what I’m getting myself into.  It’ll also be my first time actually seeing a Figure Competition.  Cross your fingers I don’t end up with cold feet.

I will be keeping everyone up-to-date on the Arnold excitement at my new Twitter handle @GlorifyJournal.  Check it out Thursday and Friday for Expo news, tips and pics!

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