Let me start off by saying Happy St. Patrick’s day/weekend…

Although yesterday was St. Pattys, today is when shenanigans partake.  Every year the Buffalo St. Patricks Day parade brings our community together with corned beef on rye, green beer, crazy green outfits, and pre-parade “breakfasts”.

I’m Irish, love corned beef cabbage and potatoes, Irish soda bread, enjoy a good alcoholic beverage (not really a beer fan… Especially when its green) and love celebrating with my friends and essentially all of Buffalo.  But this year its a bit different.  I am 8 weeks out from my Figure Competition.

I chose to still go out, have a good time and not let competing leave me sitting at home during a holiday when its 70 degrees and the sun is shining!

Pre-parade festivities started around 1030am and there were mimosas (one of my favorites!), fruit, delicious looking cakes, cookies, etc.  So here is where my choices really came in.

1. I chose to go out for St. Pattys
2. I chose to go to the gym this morning at 8
3. I chose to eat before I left
4. I chose to pack a protein shake, Apple, grilled chicken and broccoli for the parade
5. I chose to take time after the parade before hitting the bars to come home to cook and let my dog out
6. Even though the food, sweets and drinks looked and smelled delicious, I chose to pass

When it comes down to it, that drink would taste good while it was cold, that piece of cake would make my mouth water, but is it really worth it.  I am getting so close and have put in so much work to let my goals be foiled by party foods.

I have had a great time so far today and will continue to do so. I am choosing to not let it be a burden, but also to not back down.

Like I’ve said before, you are the only thing holding yourself back or pushing yourself forward.  So stick to your guns!

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