8 Weeks and Counting…

It’s crunch time… well not quite, but I have a whole lot of work to do in the next 8 weeks if I’m going to be ready to compete!

I had my first weigh-in in 4 weeks this past Saturday morning.  After really pushing myself last week I turned out some pretty good last minute results.  I was pleased, but I’m not there yet!

Let’s take a look at where I stood 4 weeks ago…

I’d love to show you the results but for some reason my scanner doesn’t feel like cooperating… So instead I’ll just rattle them off…

Body Composition Analysis:

  • Weight: 131.6lbs
  • Lean Body Mass: 116.6lbs
  • Body Fat Mass: 15lbs

Obesity Diagnosis:

  • BMI: 21.9
  • PBF: 11.3%

So the numbers looks great but there’s a difference of opinion.

Terry Stokes sent me my Competition Weight Loss Schedule for the next 8 weeks leading up to being stage ready.  Sunday morning when I weighed-in I was already down to 130.2lbs, however Terry pinned me at 18% Body Fat.  A little off from the 11.3% that sounds just oh so much better.

Here is the reality I am facing over the next 2 months…

Body Weight:

  • 3/24:   128
  • 3/31:   126
  • 4/7:     124
  • 4/14:   123
  • 4/21:   122
  • 4/28:   121
  • 5/5:     120
  • 5/12:   119
  • 5/19:   118

That’s 12lbs I need to shed over the next 8 weeks and when you get that low with your Body Fat Percentage it is NOT going to be easy!  But keep up with me.  I am going to be keeping a weight loss calendar: weighing-in and taking progress photos every week (after all I do need to get comfortable with people seeing me half naked if I’m getting up on that stage right?)

Here’s some photos from Saturday.  Don’t mind the grumpy face… it was 6am before my workout and I am in no way shape or form a morning person!Saturday Weigh-In Front

6 thoughts on “8 Weeks and Counting…

  1. Where in the world did Terry pin you at to get 18% ? I don’t see it. Did you have a bag of potato chips taped to your stomach or something?

    I bet he is just trying to get in your head to keep you on track. He probably doesn’t want you to break routine and think you are good to go now and slack off.

    Either way, you have obviously been doing some legit work because you look awesome!


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