Hobb-Nobbing Help…

Owning a business and working in sales I have to hit up networking events like its my job… because it is.  During the start of my training process attending these events was not pleasant.  A few drinks always help get you in the mood to make friends.  It loosens you up a bit and makes the whole process a bit less daunting, especially when everyone else is pounding back a couple complimentary beverages.  Not to mention, they usually have pretty awesome food.

I attended an event this past Thursday and I feel like for the first time this training process helped me get through it.

For starters I felt phenomenal.  I was rocking a new haircut, and showed off my new toned physique in a pink dressy tank, pencil skirt and wedges.  Plus I was there to network for KEHPT, the corporate health and wellness company I work for, which made fitness conversation extremely fitting.

Once more, my training became the topic of the night and opened up to more health related conversation, landing us some great connections and a few meetings with new potential clients.  It was no longer a burden that I couldn’t partake in the wine tasting or eat the delicious smelling food along with my fellow execs… Instead people were intrigued by the process and dedication.  Maybe it translated into the realization that my level of dedication applies to my work ethic and passion towards business and clients.

To top it off, the owner of Woodbury Winery sent me home with a bottle of their new Chocolate Wine to save for after my competition. 🙂

The support makes this all a lot easier!  So, I know its not over but a huge thank you to my friends,my readers, the Body Blocks team and Ron Brennan for wanting to get everyone together to caravan down to my competition to cheer me on.  Thank you!!

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