Listen to your body

It’s extremely important to push yourself to limits to reach your goals.  It’s even more important to pay attention to what your body is telling you during that process.

There is a huge difference between being “uncomfortable” and over doing it.  Right now I am training harder than I’ve trained in my life, but more now than ever I can’t afford to get sick or an injury.

I went with the Stokes Team to the CAN/AM yesterday for my first look behind the scenes.  My schedule was looking a bit hectic.

I started the day with a 7am kickass training sessions with Chris Stuff at Body Blocks. Showered.  Met Terry and his crew at his gym by 845am and headed over to check-in for the show.  The show started at 1230pm and I watched the Bikini, Figure and Fit Body until about 130pm.

Then I headed home.  The plan was a 45 minute nap (I couldn’t stop yawning), followed by a 45 min workout, lunch and back to Nichols High School by 430pm for the Night Show.

What actually happened was a bit different.  That nap went til 4pm.  I woke up when I has planned with my alarm to head to the gym, but my body wasn’t in it.  I haven’t been sleeping much and I’ve been beating myself to hell.

At that point the best thing I could do for myself was sleep.  My body was telling me it needed something.  I very well could have gotten up and hit Best Fitness, but rest is just as- if not more- important than making my workouts.

Unfortunately the gym was closes by time the Night Show ended, so I got some rest and kicked off Sunday morning with a competitor bootcamp at Terry’s.

7 weeks to go.  Check back for my progress calendar!

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