End of Week 8 – Progress Update

Week 8 has come to an end.  I will admit I didn’t push quite as hard as last week.  Some days the timing just doesn’t work out and making it to the gym more than once was difficult.  However I did manage to make it at least once a day and get in some hardcore workouts.

This week…

Goal Weight Loss:    2lbs

Goal Weight:               128lbs

And the scale says…

Weight:                         127.9lbs

In other words… yay me!  I did it! Now I usually hate people who do this, but I need to get used to people seeing me in a bikini right?  Not to mention practicing my poses.  Plus, it’ll help to actually see the progress!

3.25.2012 Back Pose

3.25.2012 Side Pose

3.25.2012 Front Pose

My posing could definitely use a little work.  Practice Practice Practice!  And I haven’t quite figured out how to hold my quads flexed while standing like this, but I’ll get there.

I also ordered my competition heels yesterday.  They will definitely come in handy when it comes to practicing the poses.

I can’t wait to see what my end result will be and it’ll be interesting to see me with a tan!

Anywho… I was on target this week but still have 7 to go.  By next Saturday I will have to have lost another 2lbs dropping me down to 126!  It won’t be easy so wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “End of Week 8 – Progress Update

    • You’re too kind! It wouldn’t be to shabby to come out of this with a trophy that says not only did I push through but I went big and won! You’ve been so supportive throughout this whole ordeal. Thanks Mike!


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