Speed Bump!

I totally should have posted my progress calendar on Saturday…

Saturday morning I weighed 125.7lbs. That’s just a hair lighter than my goal weight of 126lbs. However come Sunday morning I had gained almost 2lbs!

Saturday night was the Buffalo Wine Festival, and even though I didn’t consume much wine, I cracked when it came to the candied pecans, gourmet cheeses and crackers to hold me over. I visited the cheese table a few times and circled the nut table until u finally bought- and inhaled- a bag of pecans.

They were so good, but left me with an upset stomach all night…. and an added few pounds on the scale. I took Sunday off from the gym, despite my poor dietary decision on Saturday and was back at it bright and early hitting Best Fitness at 5am.

All in all I had a great time at the Wine Festival and in all reality didn’t go too crazy…so it was worth it. Who knows maybe it will have been a good choice and give me a little kick start. :::fingers crossed:::

Well, today is jam packed, so keep an eye out for my progress post tomorrow. (Yes, I am not so secretly hoping my scale fluke will have disappeared by then!)

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