Progress as Promised

Although I hit a little speed bump this weekend and haven’t quite recovered yet, I have faith that I’ll pull it together! So here’s the update…

Goal Weight:                    126lbs

Current Weight:            126.6lbs

Goal Weight by 4/7:      124lbs

Unfortunately Saturday morning I was on target at 125.7lbs, but with my over indulgence Saturday night I found myself over my goal.  I have some ground to make up, but it’s not over.

I am starting to notice a little more definition in my shoulders and legs mostly.  There is a slight difference from last week to this with the musculature in my back pose.  I need to work on flexing that area… I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.  My core is coming along and I need a bit more work on my upper arms.  It’s intimidating for me to have more vascularity in my neck and arms but that’s what I need to get competition ready right?  I know it’s hard to tell with the lighting and my lack of tan but progress is being made! (Candied pecans and all!)

Oh yeah and my shoes came in.  Not quite my style.  A little uncomfortable, do NOT fit like a glove, but at least I can start practicing posing in the actually shoes I’ll be strutting on stage with!

At this point I have just under 6 weeks to go until I hit the stage in Schenectady, New York.  I will not fail.  But I think I’ll go tanning before I take any more photos 😛

3 thoughts on “Progress as Promised

  1. Look at the definition you’re getting! The muscle striations in the shoulders and legs are so cool! You also look very balanced and have good symmetry from top to bottom which is awesome and hard for a lot of people to achieve. Especially for those that have a very dominant side.

    That smile you are flashing doesn’t hurt either. This time you look like you’re having fun posing.

    I can see the hard work you’re putting in. Keep it up cause you look incredible!


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