Aim for Inspiration

There is a gentleman that works with me at my part-time job in Mortgage that is that rare type of person who can uplift you even on your worst day.  He is genuine to the core.  It doesn’t matter your age, position, background, color etc, he treats everyone with the highest level of respect.  He greets passerbys with a courteous “Hello” and sends them off with a “Good day to you”.  He engages people in conversation, taking a whole hearted interest in their stories.  He inspires without the expectation of reciprocation.  What an incredible human being.

I can honestly say that I have no complaints about my life lately.  I feel incredible.  Everything seems to be moving in the right direction for me and my only wish now is that everyone could be just as inspired as I am.

I tip my hat to my coworker and can only hope to embody some of the qualities that he possesses. (Of course I had to pull him aside today and share my opinion with him.  I don’t know if anyone ever tells him how he makes people feel everyday, but someone has to!)

I know this was incredibly random but I’m feeling inspired and I’m hoping you will to.  If there is anyone that touches your life in a positive way, no matter who they are, make sure you tell them!

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