Time for some changes…

I am stuck at 125.5lbs.  Easter brunch didn’t help me lose any weight for sure, but I don’t think it really set me too far back.  I have been in a rut.  Don’t fret…it is being addressed!

This week I am really bumping up my workouts.

This weeks training schedule:

Monday: a solid 2 hours @ Body Blocks – 1 hour personal training with Chris Stuff – 35 minutes TRX group class – 25 minutes of cardio

Tuesday:  4PM Bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness – 20 minutes of cardio – an hour of Chest/Tris with Paul @ Body Blocks

Wednesday:  8am Bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness – 1230PM Personal Training with Paul @ Body Blocks – 4PM Bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness

Thursday:  4PM Bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness – 20 minutes of cardio – 630PM Personal Training with Chris Stuff @ Body Blocks

Friday: 8am Bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness – 1230PM Personal Training @ Body Blocks – 730 Volleyball game 🙂 & probably a little cardio thrown in there

Saturday:  9am Personal Training & 10am Semi-Private Gravity Class @ Body Blocks

Unfortunately I am to the point where I have to tell myself to call it quits during workouts.  I don’t really get all that fatigued.  It’s not like the workouts aren’t intense…because they are.  I can remember attempting them a few months ago and almost needing to crawl out of the gym afterwards.  Sometimes it feels like I am not accomplishing much, but I have to look back and realize how much work I actually put in.

Other than a painstaking training schedule…Terry has made some changes to my diet.

Diet over the last few weeks:

New diet:

There are some minor changes here.  For one, say buh-bye to my daily apple 😦 and call that added tsp of olive oil quits.  Other than that the diet consists of the same foods in new quantities.  My portion of chicken has been dropped from 90grams/meal to 83grams/meal.  The added protein was shifted to meals 1 & 2 with the additional of another egg white.  Also notice that I actually get just a little extra oatmeal!  YUM!

To top off the changes above for the next two weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to cut my portions of sweet potato in half.  The changes aren’t drastic but should help make the shift and get me off this plateau!

PS here are some photos… not much change…except for my slightly faded tan!

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