Busy Weekend & a Warm Congratulations!

I have a crazy-busy-long but exciting weekend ahead of me.  Here’s a quick run down…

Tomorrow 4/20 (29 days & counting until competition):

  • 800 AM Bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness
  • 930 AM haircut by my fabulous stylist that agreed to make a house call 🙂
  • 1100 AM Personal Training Session @ Body Blocks Fitness
  • Cook up my food for the weekend
  • Pack
  • 300 PM head out to Rochester for the Spade-Bain Wedding Rehearsal!
  • 700 PM be that embarrassing person who packs their own food and asks a restaurant to plate it and serve it with everyone else’s

Saturday 4/21:

  • Sometime in the morning run my ass off (literally)
  • Get all gussied up and into my Bridesmaids dress
  • 200PM arrive at the Bride’s suite
  • 330PM stand to support to of the most amazing people I know tie the knot!
  • Rest of the day – CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COMMON (yes I sang this as I typed it)

Sunday 4/22:

  • Check out of the hotel in Rochester and head out
  • Pick up my precious little Pennster that I have missed all week while she was staying with a friend
  • Hit the gym
  • etc, etc, etc…

The end is in sight and I couldn’t be more pumped…. but life goes on and I have to fit my training and dieting into special occasions, holidays and everyday life.

On a bit of a more sentimental note… I just want to wish the best to my friends Madison Spade and Mike Bain.  I am honored to stand up on your special day and watch the next chapter of your lives begin.  I didn’t know you two before you were together and have always seen you as Mike and Madison.  Getting to know you both as individuals has been a pleasure and I can truly say that you belong together.  You are both so different, but at the same time compliment each other so well.  I couldn’t be happier for the two of you.  You are two amazing people that I am proud to say are like family to me.  There is no doubt in my mind that the years to come are meant for you to share.  Congratulations!  I love you both!

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