It’s about to get real…

Okay… crazy wedding weekend is over with and with it goes my sugar overload and last cheat meal.

I have 4 weeks to go and its crunch time!

Workouts are about to get harder.  Life is about to get a little unpleasant.  And I just received my new diet from Terry Stokes.

Essentially I’m eating the same foods in the same quantities that I received two weeks ago.  Only difference is every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday the only carbs that my body will indulge in is my small portion of oatmeal in the morning.  According to Terry this is how I will guarantee to burn off that last bit of fat.  Because my body won’t have any carbs to turn to for energy for my workouts, it should start to use my body fat.  Unfortunately this also means that energy to complete my workouts will dwindle.

Nevertheless, I’m going forward with this attitude… BRING IT ON!

I have come too far to back down.  Too close to personal victory.  Failure is unacceptable.

Wish me luck!

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