Taking it a step further!

While perusing Facebook I came across an Under Armour contest for women and it starts today.

This contest will result in finding 3 new Women to be the face’s of Under Armour for the next year.  The winners will not only become the new faces of Under Armour Women but the sponsorship also includes Training with UA trainers, free UA gear for a year, Nutritional Consultation, Inclusion in all UA Women’s Marketing, and access to Special Events.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Declare a Goal – Challenge yourself.  A profile is created for each competitor.

Step 2. Complete 19 challenges in 3 categories. Upload video proof of challenge completion.  After 9 weeks, 10 finalists will be chosen

Step 3.  Out of the 10 finalists Under Armour will select 2 winners.  The third is to be chosen by public voting.

I’ve been working toward my goal for a few months now and have just a month to go.  Here is the perfect opportunity to make something more of it!

Check out my profile and support me in possibly becoming one of the new faces of Under Armour Women!  This is an amazing opportunity I just can’t pass up.  Bring on the challenges… I feel sorry for the competition!

4 thoughts on “Taking it a step further!

    • I’m not sure why they’re not letting me share my profile 😦 I will send an update when I figure out how to fix it! It did the same thing from the link they shared on my Twitter page. I will post all my challenges here too…just in case 🙂


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