This diet won’t get me down…

I was feeling a little grim today when I realized that other than cutting carbs, there were some pretty substantial changes to the amount of food I will be getting on a daily basis right now.  DEPLETED.  Yeah, that’s the best word to describe how my belly feels.

To keep my spirits up I decided to treat myself today.  No worries, this treat is 100% diet approved.  It also partly satisfies the most predominate food craving I’ve had since starting this process.  The stuffed pepper!

Now this is no ordinary stuffed pepper.  I started with two Hungarian Wax Peppers.  Sliced them open and cleaned them.  They accounted for 90grams out of my allowed 125grams for dinner.  I weighed out the other 35 grams in some fresh Baby Spinach!  Next I measured out the 60grams of chicken allotted for the meal.   The chicken was already grilled and shredded with a light salt free fiesta seasoning.  Finally, I added 2 tbsp of salsa (only 10 calories for the serving, less than 1 gram of sugar and 2grams of carbohydrates!).

I stuffed some of the baby spinach into the peppers, followed by the shredded chicken and topped with salsa.  The two peppers were put on top of the remaining portioned spinach in the baking pan and into the oven they go!  I baked them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Dinner tonight definitely hit the spot.  Granted these stuffed peppers weren’t filled with the cheesy goodness like the restaurant version I’ve had a hankering for, but they did not disappoint!

Now who ever said healthy eating had to be boring?!

3 thoughts on “This diet won’t get me down…

  1. That stuffed peper sounds good. I do a version kinda like it. I use ground turkey or chicken and spice it up with cumin and some red pepper then add the spinach and salsa. Bake it and enjoy. I like to use the red or yellow bell peppers to add some color to my meal. Somehow it makes me feel more full.


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