So I’m not entirely sure why… And I am terribly disappointed in myself… Buit that didn’t stop it from happening.

This weekend I uncontrollably binged.  Even though it was running through my mind with every bite of graham cracker I took that this could ruin all of the hardwork I’ve put in these last few months, I just kept eating.

In retro spect the foods I binged on, although not ideal for my training diet, were probably not the worst foods I could have chosen. I indulged in a little bit of peanut butter, some graham crackers, almonds and a little bit of granola.

Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t had carbs in about a week or that the food was just there.  Could have been I freaked when I heard I had another 6lbs to drop before I was ready… Let’s keep in mind I’ve already lost about 25lbs since mid January… And the goal seems nearly impossible.  Perhaps I can blame it on my hormones?

I really have no explanation.  So even though I worked my ass off this weekend by training and killing it with cardio, I definitely hurt myself with food.

When I woke up this morning I decided that even though I may have set myself back I am not going to stop pushing forward.  I will be ready for this show… No matter what it takes!  I will shed those last few pounds.  I will get that obnoxious tan.  I will slap on that sparkly suit and awful fitness model shoes.  I WILL strut out on that stage come May 19th and show everyone exactly what I am made of!

This weeks game plan:

Cut out my Monday carbs since I ate enough Saturday when I wasn’t supposed to.  Wake up for a run every morning. Do at least one hardcore personal training session each day, whether it’s at Stokes Fitness or Body Blocks.  Hit Best Fitness at least once a day for a 30 minute workout and stick around for 40-60 minutes of interval cardio.  Run once more around the neighborhood before bed.  Oh, and no more food that isn’t included on those nifty diet sheets provided by Terry!

Its only worth it if you have to fight for it.

2 thoughts on “Cracked

  1. I was like you this weekend. I ate some cookies and now realize because of it I have some extra miles to run and a few extra situps to knock out because of my momentary weakness.

    You have great resolve… do what you have to do. Keep your goal in mind, that’s the way to stay motivated! Reading about your journey is keeping me motivated as well.

    Even though followers/fans like me are not right there to give you that pat on the back when you need it, you should know we are there in spirit encouraging you to keep on keeping on.


    • Thanks Mike. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who gives in to temptation once and a while!

      It is also means a lot to me to have your support and the support of other readers. You have been so encouraging throughout this entire process and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

      Knowing there are people behind me does make it easier to keep pushing forward. I’m glad I’ve had a positive impact of keeping you going too! Know that I am here supporting you as well 🙂


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