Ask for it…

This should be interesting…

As part of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge I’m taking part in I need a little more help from you to keep it moving…

Challenge Category: Influence
Challenge Title: Ask For It
Description: up the ante by providing me with new physical challenges I can attempt (and hopefully conquer).

Please be gentle… Just kidding! Give me something good.  Go ahead lay it on me! Post your challenge via comment, email or on my Facebook!

One thought on “Ask for it…

  1. Here are a few ideas for ya:

    Test your core – How long can you hold a plank? Or can you do a yoga crow pose and hold it?

    Test of cardio – Do a stair climb challenge or just do the 38 flights at One HSBC Center in Buffalo (I think it’s equal to about 2 miles)

    Test your grit – Try a Navy Seal entrance physical fit test (min 8 dead hang pullups or 15-20 to be competitive, 1.5 mile run in boots and pants within 11:30, min 52 situps in 2 min or 100 in 2 min to be competitive, min 42 pushups in 2 min or 100 in 2 min for an average score, and if you have pool access do a 500 meter swim in 12:30)

    And if you want to do it the way they do it…..swim/10 min rest/pushups/2 min rest/situps/2 min rest/pullups/10 min rest/1.5 mile run

    If you want more ideas or easier ones, I can get you more 🙂


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