New Appreciations…

Unfortunately enough for my waistline I’ve always loved food.  Or should I say I’ve always loved to eat…

I didn’t grow up with the broadest pallet and refused to try most foods.  I stuck to what I liked and I sure did like them a lot.  Since beginning my training process in January I have definitely come to appreciate things a bit more.  One of those things being food.  I find that I like foods that before I found repulsive and I am craving less and less the foods that I used to love.

When your diet is so restrictive you start to really enjoy the simple flavors that foods have to offer.  Even something as simple as tea.  I used to hate tea.  As matter of fact I’m not that big on hot beverages all together.  Over the last few weeks however I have started drinking tea…thanks to some good friends who bought me a darling loose tea pot and some teas to try.  I now drink about 4 cups a day.  It’s something other than water for one and there is such a variety, each offering different health benefits.  There is even a tea to help me sleep. YAY! 🙂

Other foods I have become a fan of and actually crave over the pastas, fried chicken fingers, and French fries are things like my morning oatmeal.  Now I’m not talking about Quaker instant oatmeal loaded with brown sugar or apple flavoring, but real quality rolled oats (which still only take 2 minutes in a microwave so the invention of  “instant” is kind of lame) with some ground cinnamon and maybe even a touch of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Sweet potato.  I LOVE sweet potatoes and to be honest I was afraid to try them and would always just say “I don’t like them”.  There are so many ways to prepare sweet potatoes, but I’m a simple girl, so heating it up in the microwave, pealing away the skin and mushing it up with my fork works just fine for me.  I don’t even add anything to it.

There are certain foods I miss while on my competition diet and they’re not what I would have expected.  I want to bite into a juicy apple, or maybe some cantaloupe and strawberries.  I’d like some almonds and walnuts.  However, I do miss peanut butter.  One of the women I’ve met during this process told me about dry peanut butter.  It has only 1.5 grams of fat and 45 calories per serving making it a very appealing alternative to Skippy & Jiff!

Finally I am branching out to discover how wonderful food really is and I am excited to ditch the fried foods and learn more about how my new healthy lifestyle does not have to bore my taste buds!

3 thoughts on “New Appreciations…

  1. I recently discovered that a cup of tea wish a spoon of sugar tastes very sweet… that’s from a guy who used to put 4 spoons of sugar into the same cup.

    Thanks for the tip, going to go look for that dry peanut butter 🙂


  2. It is amazing how our bodies decide to crave the good foods when we do more activity. When I trained for my first half marathon my body only wanted chicken, broccoli, yams and oatmeal. Which are my favorite 4 things I could eat everyday….and I do. I have also learned that a basic homemade salsa or pico de gallo is a great way to avoid ketchup, mustard, mayo etc (cuts out the extra salt and sugar hidden in those other condiments). Tea is an awesome filler. I am hooked on Matcha green tea and have at least 2 cups a day.

    Great post! I’m gonna have to look for that dry peanut butter to put in my oatmeal.


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