Day 6 in the bag!

Depleted.  Yep, that’s definitely the word.  I don’t feel like I can drive for more than a few minutes at a time.  I feel lethargic.  My life consists of an empty belly, headaches, aches, soreness and obnoxiously tight hamstrings.

On the bright side I’m still putting in the work.  My diet went well today and so did my workouts.

I ate according to plan and got in all of my desired workouts.  I only made it through half of bootcamp this morning since I ran into another competitor joining me next Saturday and I wanted to pick her brain.  A nice 3.0 mile run at the river was relaxing (minus the wind in my ears on the way back).  My last workout found me over at Best Fitness. 

My approach to cardio has been changed.  Thanks to Terry Stokes I can no longer enjoy sweating it up on the elliptical to some TV. “Ellipticals are designed to make cardio easier, so unless you’re injured don’t use it!”

Welcome to my new interval training:
10 mins on the treadmill: 30seconds walk 30 seconds jog and then kick into the interval rotation of 30sec sprint & 1min run
Hop off and keep it moving: 10 pushups, 50 bicycle crunches, 50 mountain climbers, 20 jump squats, 50 mountains climbers, 50 bicycles, 10 pushups

But wait… You’re not done. Now “rinse and repeat” as Terry says 2 more times.  In total about 40-45 minutes of fat burning cardio.  I’m supposed to start doing thia 2x a day on top of my workouts.

I’m heading out with a friend tonight so hopefully come tomorrow morning I can still say Day 6 was successful!

Chugging along…

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