The Final Countdown: Day 4

Good morning!

Day 5 went well. I veered from my diet a little.  I was starving so I made extra scrambled egg whites to hold me over.

I finally jumped over that 4lb mark and dropped from 123.1lbs to 122.0lbs this morning.

Finally a Budge






Today’s Meal Plan:
Meal 1: 4 scrambled egg whites, 1/3 cup oatmeal, scoop whey protein (already scarfed down)
Meal 2: 4 scrambled egg whites, 125g green beans, 45g sweet potato
Meal 3: 60g chicken, 125g green beans, scoop whey protein
Meal 4: 60g chicken, 40g sweet potato
Meal 5: 60g chicken, 250g veggies
I ran out of veggies and will have to pick some up after work so I’m going to combine the veggie portion from Meal 4 with Meal 5.

Workout Plan:
Workout 1: cardio
Workout 2: Bis/Tris and cardio
Figure Posing & Suit Selection with Terry
Workout 3: cardio

Fitting in all the gym time with a full day of work and dragging energy levels is not easy but I’ll give it 100%.

Here’s to hoping that scale keeps moving 🙂

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