The Final Countdown: Day 3

Nothing is too outrageous with 3 days left for preparation…

I rode my bike (for the first time in over a year) about 6 miles to the office this morning.  I was a vision in bright running sneakers, an under armour zip-up and dress pants.  And who could miss the oversized tote I decided to carry like a backpack full of food, gym clothes, work shoes and a shirt, a dress I’m giving to someone at work, etc…

Here are my workout goals for the day:
Workout 1: interval cardio training (I’ll leave work after lunch since its my half day, ride my bike to the gym which is a little less than half way, and run/pushup/jump squat/mountain climber/crunch my ass off)
Workout 2: 4PM bootcamp @ Stokes Fitness (I haven’t decided if I will ride my bike or run there and back… It’s about 1.75 miles or a little more I think)
Workout 3: right from Terry’s bootcamp I will head back out to Best Fitness to hopefully meet up with another competitor who is preparing for summer shows to do some more intervals. (I will be taking my car this time b.c of a little time crunch!)

Meal Plan:
No more carbs until Friday 😦 eeek!
Meal 1: 4 egg whites, 1/3 cup oatmeal, scoop whey protein
Meal 2: 4egg whites, 125g veggies
Meal 3: scoop whey protein, 60g chicken, 125g veggies
Meal 4: 60g chicken, 125g veggies
Meal 5: 60g chicken, 125g veggies
(I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now but I eat the same thing every day… This has been the general trend for a little TOO long)

So my Dad called me last night and broke some news to me. My Mom is coming here tomorrow (I live in Buffalo, NY alone, my family lives on Long Island).  Okay, I love my Mom and yay for visitors, but seriously… Right now?!

Here are my issues with their plan that I don’t have a say in:
1. I don’t like people making plans for me
2. I don’t have any time to entertain my mother.  They say that’s fine but I know she’s going to complain.  I have 3 days left to prep.  Other than getting my nails done, my tan and a photoshoot, every waking minute needs to be focused on getting ready.
3. I’ve been so tired my house is a disaster and my Mom is a clean freak
4. Here is my biggest concern of all… 2 weeks ago when I cracked it was very much because I was taken out of my element and my focused mindset.  This curveball will do just that. Yeah I will still be in my house, but now I have to worry about my Mom.  She is going to want to spend time with me I don’t have.  She’ll want to do things I can’t, eat things I don’t want to, probably indulge in some alcoholic beverages I can’t.  It’s one thing if I’m out with people and they’re enjoying themselves, but I don’t want it in my house right now.  I have no food for her and no intention of buying anything to keep in my house I can’t eat.

I appreciate that they care so much about me.  It’s wonderful I won’t have to worry about falling asleep while driving the 4.5 hours to competition.  But they just don’t understand my mind set right now.  How fragile it is and how their little plan might destroy it.

For failure to find a better phrase… I’m sh*tting my pants right now.

3 Days to go… Here’s to working my ass off…giving it every last drop of sweat…and attempting to hold on to whatever will power and sanity I have left!

One thought on “The Final Countdown: Day 3

  1. Hang in there! You’re so close! Your mom will understand and even if she doesn’t understand right away, she will after she sees the competition.

    You could make this a learning/teaching opportunity and get your mom eating better herself. I have found if you explain why you can’t do something instead of just saying “I can’t!” the level of understanding goes up 50%.

    Here’s that virtual world “pat on the back” you might need right now: I have complete confidence in you that you will stay on track. Put that game face on and win this thing!

    Stay strong Stephanie!


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