The Final Countdown: Day 2

Almost there 🙂

My meal plan is the same as every other no carb day and I have followed it to the gram!

As far as workouts go I only got in two today… But I gave them everything I had. I rode my bike (rocking the 10lb weighted vest) to Stokes Fitness and worked out for a good 40 minutes before the 1.8mi ride home.  My second workout was a fast paced full body workout to burn off some calories at Body Blocks Fitness.

There was so much on my plate today that I needed a mental break.  I had an appointment at 1030 to try out ensembles for my photoshoot tomorrow for Body Blocks Fitness and my Competition shots!  I had to squeeze in a Mani/Pedi, dye my hair, take care of my dogs, fit in all my meals, etc all before scrubbing down for my first tan at 645pm.

Since I cannot sweat until I rinse the tan off tomorrow morning that will be it for the workouts for today.

I will pick things up again tomorrow 🙂

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