Travel Time

Sorry I missed my Final Countdown Day 1 post yesterday… it was quite a busy day getting things in order.

Yesterday was the icing on the cake for me.  My spirit is revitalized and I feel amazing.

I stuck to my meal plan during the day, got in a few “Last Chance” workouts as they would say on The Biggest Loser, practiced my posing and pampered myself a little bit.

My final confidence boost came from a photoshoot that I did yesterday afternoon with Body Blocks Fitness.  We took a couple of photos for their new ad campaign (which being in advertising I am totally behind… I love the message they’re putting out there).  It was a strange feeling at first.  I’m never really one for being in pictures and it felt weird being in the spotlight.  But, it was a good warm up for having to hop up on stage in front of 100 people.

They then slipped me into some LuLu Lemon workout shorts (more like booty shorts… They were surprisingly cozy and I would definitely recommend them), and a sports bra.  I was a little unsure about how I felt being exposed like that, until I realized I’ll being showing even more on the figure stage.  I got to take a bunch of different athletic shots demonstrating different exercises.  Yes, I actually had to do the exercises.  Yes, I had to do them slowly and hold them longer too.  It wasn’t always easy!

Here was the kicker for me.  When they took all the shots they needed to use in their ads and website etc, I slipped into a Figure Suit for the first time to be seen publicly.  Seeing the pictures of my 6 poses I had spent so much time practicing did it for me.  I couldn’t believe that girl coming up on that computer screen was me.

As far as I’m concerned I’ve already won.

Today I’m up early in anticipation.  I have to pack up my clothes, accessories, suits, shoes and food (both diet and showtime meals) and head to Buffalo Airbrush Tan by 9am for my first coat of competition tan.  I’ll get my second tan @ 10am and then Storm (a women’s Body Building competitor who always works out at Stokes Fitness) and I will be hitting the road to Schenectady! I’m glad we decided to drive together.  We’re both low on energy from these last few weeks and it will be nice to be able to rotate drivers.

Tomorrow is “C-Day” as I’ve decided to call it.  That’s “Competition-Day” for anyone who didn’t get it and thinks I’m looney.  I’m going to try and stay up-to-date with the behind the scenes of my first Competition Experience, so follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the madness 🙂

I can’t believe tomorrow is the day!

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