Today is the day! 2012 NGA North American Pro/Am in Schenectady, NY.

I have been dieting and prepping for this day for so long that it felt like it would never actually come.  Like it was a dream that would never come to fruition and that I would always just be “in preparation” of.

But low and behold it is here.  Man does it feel great.  I’m all tanned up (weird feeling, wait until you see the photos it is quiet a shock!), have my nails and hair did and about to throw my bling on.  Okay yeah that’s not really how I talk but it felt appropriate today 🙂

Pre-Judging starts @ 11:30AM and the Night Show @ 5:30PM.

Like I said yesterday, I’ve already won.  In the end I don’t care what those judges say.  I’m going to go out there and just have fun.  I have put so much time and effort into this and even if I don’t get a trophy to show for it, I already have the best trophy of all… MY BODY.  I have dropped nearly 30lbs during this transformation and still can’t believe my reflection.  I am a completely new person both physically and emotional.  I have proven I have the drive and commitment to accomplish anything I set my mind to and I am excited to apply those qualities to other aspects of my life!  I can say I have attempted and accomplished something that only a small percentage of the population would even dare to try.  So bring it on NGA judges… YOU CAN’T BRING ME DOWN 🙂

Can’t wait to tell you all about it… Wish me luck!

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