Competition Recap – Friday aka Travel Time

I apologIze that this has taken so long to post…Even though the competition is under my belt, these passed two weeks have been crazy, emotional and slightly painful!

For those of you who followed my Twitter and Facebook page you were able to go through some of my competition day experience with me through the many photos I shared.  With this post I would really like to take you on an in-depth behind the scenes tour of all the kooky, exciting and just plain strange happenings for a competitor at competition.  Keep in mind everyone is bound to take the experience differently, but here is how it went for me…

Because the show was out of town I’m counting all three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) as competition and will post them in 3 parts so you’re not reading a novel every time.

Friday: aka Pre-Show Day aka Travel Day

At this point it is what it is.  No morning workout.  No last minute calorie burn.  I am going to this competition whether I’m ready or not.  My morning agenda consisted of cooking and packing not only my “clean” meals for the day and weekend but whatever goodies I was going to bring for Saturday.

Terry’s Goodie Bag – Cocoa Almonds, Dark Chocolate Reese’s and Swedish Fish

Terry’s Goodie Bag, Rice Cakes, Dove Dark Chocolate Bar, Sarah’s Baked Post-Stage Surprise, Dark Cocoa Almonds, Orbit Gum, and of course my fill of Sweet Potato, Scrambled Egg Whites and Fresh Green Beans!

Once my cooler was packed and my clothes and competition gear was all packed and in the car I headed over to my 9am at Buffalo Airbrush Tan for my first coat of blackness (aka my fake tan).  I came out and Storm had already gotten her first coat and was napping in her car.  We were driving together so I moved all my stuff into her car and we waited our second tanning appointments…

Coat 1

Coat 2 - I've officially changed nationalities

All tanned up and time to hit the road.  The ride was a little rough since we were both EXHAUSTED by now.  We stopped a few times along the thruway and took turns driving.  It was definitely a blessing to drive together.  Looking back I would have never made it there by myself.  We kept each other focused through conversation (which there was plenty to talk about being that we really didn’t know each other), taking naps when we switched and my new found appreciation for murder mystery books on CD! (Thanks Storm :P).

We arrived in Schenectady earlier than expected and were able to check-in right away and get our polygraphs out of the way.  I had my mom come pick me up from the host hotel where Storm was staying (which ended up being much further away from our hotel then they told us on the phone) and let Storm get some rest.  My mom almost had a heart attack when she saw me.  I don’t tan.  When I do tan it is considered everyone else’s normal skin tone.  So when she came in and I was almost black (your color darkens as the day goes on) she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Once we were tan there was no physical activity allowed, we couldn’t shower and had to be careful around water.  It was pretty uncomfortable being in public considering everyone stared at me  like I was a Jersey-Shore wannabe.  I’m pretty sure my mom was embarrassed to be seen with me at dinner and the grocery store.  Not to mention the only thing I was wearing was a loose-fit long black cotton dress… and yes I mean that was the ONLY thing I was wearing.  To avoid rubbing any of our tan off we couldn’t wear any undergarments…. AWKWARDDD

I was so excited for the steak and potatoes dinner I got to eat that night… however my mom took me to Applebees for it… who eats steak at Applebees?!  Dinner didn’t live up to my expectations, yet started my downfall.  I couldn’t stop eating.  Steak, potatoes, then some cake we bought at the supermarket.  I even got so desperate that I was eating Matzah plain.  Ugh I was so bloated but it didn’t seem to matter.  I couldn’t feel satisfied.  My binge definitely filled me out a bit for Saturday and not in a great way.  Overall… I looked better at my photoshoot on Thursday.

Stay tuned for the inside look on Saturday aka C-Day!

3 thoughts on “Competition Recap – Friday aka Travel Time

  1. Love it! Ha ha ha….steak at Applebees? Really? I guess that that night was the beginning of the “cake belly.”

    Also. who wears underwear anyway? It’s so constricting…. 🙂

    I can’t wait to read about C-Day.


    • Yes… That night was definitely the start of cake belly.. and I am struggling to get passed it.. but that’s a whole other story!

      Haha I’m glad to year you enjoy rocking it commando style!


      • Gotta be careful going commando when wearing zippered stuff! It could be dangerous :-O

        Well, for me anyway, you, probably not so much….

        Have a good night “Cake Belly” (not making fun of you, just a term of endearment) 🙂


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