And so it begins…

Today begins the start of my Fall Competition Training!!!

My first show (yes I said first out of a handful I have lined up) is September 29th and is actually in the Buffalo area. πŸ™‚

I’m back on track and starting with a new mindset. I know you have yet to hear about how the show actually went and what happened afterwards… Well get ready because this is definitely going to be a time of reflection. I am going to pull from that experience to hopefully maintain my sanity as much as possible.

I have realized that even though this process is time consuming, requires a lot of dedication, control and hard work, it in no way controls my life. This is a passion of mine but I cannot let it get in the way of life.

Let’s talk about the diet. Day 1 means the start of my diet. It is time to lean out again! Ugh I can’t wait for my “cake belly” to go on holiday again and get my perfect beach bod back. The first diet is definitely a lot more food than I think I started off with 5 months out last time around, which will hopefully make it a little more tolerable at first. Yeah, I’m just on Day 1 which is the easy part and things definitely change a you get into the process, but I’m starting today with yet another revelation… My diet does not start the “OMG it means I can’t eat that” mindset… It starts the “it is so worth it to not only feel better internally but to look damn good!” mindset.

Meal 3 today finds me with the attempt to keep food interesting and yummy with sticking to Stokes guidelines… Check out my pulled chicken grilled portobello mushroom sandwich.
– two grilled portobello mushrooms
– 93g shredded chicken (cooked in a crockpot with water and tomato basil seasoning)
– baby spinach
– 81g mashed sweet potato

Yum-alicious!!! πŸ™‚


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