To Pre-workout Supplement or Not to Pre-Workout Supplement…

So I won’t lie to you for even a second… I’m not a huge fan of things I’m not used to or more specifically things that I’m supposed to ingest that are artificial and engineered to supposedly make me better in some way, shape or form.

For example, it took me forever and a day to even try a protein supplement. I went for a chocolate and strawberry after workout shake to get my feet wet instead of a bar.. I had always heard they tasted a bit like chalk. YUMM :/

Now protein powder is a stable in my every day diet… 2 shakes a day to be precise. However certain things, although I’ve become more daring and have attempted some Pre-workout supplements, don’t seem as if they will ever truly find a place in my life.

Personally I haven’t had a good experience yet with a PWS (yes I am dubbing a Pre-workout supplement a PWS for all intensive purposes… Aka I’m lazy and don’t want to keep typing it!). I’ve only really tried them in a drink form even though I see these crazy pills out there. Not to mention GNC keeps giving me piles of samples when I buy my protein.

Here is my two-cents whether you give a hoot or not… They creep me out.

The first PWS to enter my life lasted a total of 4 days on my training regime. It was blue raspberry flavored (brand to remain nameless) undoubtedly scrumptious and gave me some added energy. So where is the issue you ask? Less than 20 mins into my workout I had the urge to vomit uncontrollably. Don’t fret… I didn’t actually vomit everywhere. Anyways, what good is a PWS designed to get you moving when you have to stop your workout and go home?!

The next few PWSs I came across did their job. I had tons I energy and they didn’t taste that bad. Unfortunately I spread these drinks out over the course of 6 hours and was still jazzed for my workout but was also wired for the rest of the day! Worst part was how jittery I was. My body just felt super awkward and tingly and ehhhh.

My conclusion… While a PWS may work wonders for you… I think I’m going to pass 🙂

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