Show Time in Toronto

Feeling a little nostalgic…

This weekend was all about the 2012 IDFA International Championship near Toronto Canada. No, I wasn’t competing. But I will say that being there made me wish I was!

I took the trip to support some of my fellow Stokes girls and help my friend Andrea calm her nerves and make it through her first show. It was no surprise that even across the border out crew managed to clean up. These ladies put in countless hours of sweat and tears. They have eaten more grilled chicken breast and vegetables then any of us care to remember. And they deserve every trophy and medallion they came home with.

I also tip my hat to Terry Stokes and his wife Jessica. Although its each individual who has to make sure they follow the diet and put in the hours at the gym, Terry’s expertise and guidance breeds champions. Terry can’t do the pushups or jump squats for you but he has no problem telling you how many to do. Show after show his competitors dominate the stage with leaner physiques, perfect posing and class parallel to none! Jess gets everyone stage ready with quality competition tans and is key backstage taking care of touchups, bikini bite and endless support!

A special congratulations has to go out to my friend Andrea who has helped me more than anyone can realize through my after show breakdown. At her first show ever Andrea took home 1st Place Figure Novice Short, 1st Place Figure Masters Short and Overall Figure Masters. She was able to put aside all of her nerves and rocked that stage over and over.

Now it’s time to batten down the hatches. It’s my turn to lean back out and get back on stage. Stay tuned… I will need everyone’s help to decide on my fall competition schedule 🙂


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