Competition Recap: C-Day Continued…

I paid a visit to Stokes Fitness for a massive butt-whooping this past Monday. During buffcamp Terry laid out my goal weight for fall shows… 116lbs. A few pounds lighter then when I did my show this past May. Not only did I have to drop the extra LBs… But I would have to drop 22 big ones from where I weighed in on Monday!

In the spirit of realization to how much weight I did put back on I have to look back on show day from May and ask myself “Is it really worth it?!”.

The verdict is….

Hell yeah it’s worth it! So let me finally finish my show day recap πŸ™‚

…I was sold by the end of prejudging and overly ambitious for the Night Show. Usually by the Night Show judging is pretty much decided, but this is what you really pay for. They pump up the music and it’s your opportunity to head out on stage by yourself and show everyone how hard you worked! Did I mention it’s also when they give out the trophies?!

Now, I got a bit antsy. There were 80 competitors in the show and all of the individual performances and T-walks were to be done in numerical order. Guess who number 80 was….

Yep that’s right… I had to go dead last! Everyone kept saying “they save the best for last”, but let’s be honesty when you’re waiting forever to go out there you have more time to build up your nerves and/or die of boredom!

Nevertheless I hung out backstage enjoying the body building routines πŸ˜‰ and stood in line with the figure girls as they started to line up. It was pretty much a karaoke hour for me, whether anyone wanted to hear me sing or not! Storm was all finished and glowing from owning the body bundling classes, so she stood with me and kept me sane while I waited… Practicing my back pose over and over again.

Here goes. Walking out there by my lonesome was exhilarating! Watching some of the girls walk before me I felt almost as if I was at a strip club… I could never go out there in that manner. I was under the impression that as a figure competitor you are expected to portray a certain level of class… So I did just that.

I took my time out there. After all it took my 5 months to make it on stage I wasn’t about to rush myself πŸ™‚ I completely my T-walk just as Terry had asked me. There were no crazy poses or dance moves in my walk. Just a solid combination of front, side and back poses.. And of course the a Stokes team “T” at the end! (I’ll have to dig up the video and throw it on YouTube).

The show was pretty much over, but we can’t leave before all of those shiny trophies are handed out. Storms bodybuilding classes went before Figure. It was no surprise to us when she took every class hands down… It was almost as if she was competing alone! I was so happy for her and she couldn’t hide her smile.

The Figure Debut class was called back out on stage. There were only 4 of us and they wasted no time naming 4th Place. As each place was called I seemed to get more and more confused. I don’t know if the audience could tell that by time the named 2nd Place and my name hadn’t been called yet I was having an internal melt down. It went a little something like this…

“They haven’t called me yet, did I do thy badly?! Wait. I’m the only one left up here. Did I just win a class? No, couldn’t be. This is a mistake. Did I fall asleep backstage and I’m completely dreaming this up?”

Okay so there is not actually a lot of time before they announce your names, but let’s be honest, when you’re standing there half naked trying to smile and not freak out it when you have all of the people looking at you… Everything seems to take FOREVER! Nevertheless 1st Place was called and my name followed. It was a but surreal.

Novice Short went out next, which gave me a minute to breathe backstage. Novice Tall is called and I’m back on stage. It went pretty much the same way as the debut class and my mental freakout was the same! I’m handed my 2nd 1st Place trophy but didn’t get to exit stage right yet. It was time for the Novice Short winner to come back out for a “Pose Off”. It worked just like prejudging but it was only the two of us on the line. The judges called the same quarter turns and when they were satisfied we stepped back into a “relaxed” pose (I put this in quotes because out there no pose is a relaxed pose… You can’t stand there looking frumpy!).

The judges deliberate… The vote is… Figure Novice Overall Winner is… Drum roll please… Oh yeah, it was me πŸ™‚

I got to head off stage while the Masters and Open Short divisions went out. It gave me a chance to let things sink in a bit. Okay well they didn’t really, but being congratulated by the other competitors felt great. I almost still couldn’t believe it.

Here goes, my last class Figure Open Tall. This class was a little larger and after called out in two separate groups. First to go didn’t make the top 5. I couldn’t believe it… I made top 5. It didn’t really hit me though until they started calling the Top 5 to the stage and they announced my name. This was the most competitive class of the night so I would’ve been happy with 5th place for my first time out. 5th Place is called and I don’t hear my name. 4th Place is called and yet again… No Stephanie. Finally 3rd Place, and here comes my name. I was so happy. I just placed 3rd in a Pro-Qualifier. Unreal.

Overall Team Stokes cleaned house and we had quite the assortment of hardware to photograph backstage.

And that was it. It was over. 5 months of hardwork and it was over in a day. I chugged a few bottles of water (since I had less then a bottle all day), talked to the judges, took a few pictures and it was time to eat!!!!

My parents, brother Peter and his friend Al went for hibachi… YUMMMM :). It’s safe to say I ate my face off… But still brought leftovers home from the restaurant. I even enjoyed a little saki! Woot woot!

Overall, the feeling of competing, satisfaction of realizing your accomplishments and getting a day where all eyes are on you is 110% worth all the sweat, countless hours in a gym and an irritatingly strict diet regimen.

I will say Goodbye 22lbs and Hello Figure Suit πŸ™‚


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