Get your booty moving

Good morning all! I know my recent posts have been pretty early… Did I mention to you all that I stared working at a fitness club? I open the gym a few mornings a week, so I’m up by 3am and at work by 4am. Safe to say my days seem to last for ever.

At the moment I’m just the smiling face behind the front counter, but soon enough I will be out on the training floor sharing my experiences and knowledge with my fellow Western New Yorkers! What better way for me to live my life than to do what I’m passionate about? So I spend my days working for my clients of my Ad Agency and the rest of my time in a gym either kicking my own butt or someone else’s 🙂

I am going to have my PT certification by mid September and then I’ll really be ready to roll!

So other than that exciting news and the fact that I pick up my new 2012 Altima this afternoon, I need to reflect a little.

I have 9 weeks to get ready for my show and I don’t just mean kind of ready like last time. 21 LBs in less than 9 weeks. Terry told me yesterday to picture the number 115. So I am. In my head it’s in bold type in a fancy cloud like bubble and bright lights flashing around it. I need to be 116 at least 2 weekends before my first show. AKA drop pretty much all the weight in 7 weeks.

Diet diet diet… Workout workout workout. That’s what I have to do. I can’t sweat the small stuff. I just have to do the damn thing. Working at a gym does make the process a bit more convenient. Everyone just kind of gets it. They don’t criticize me for a strict diet or if I drop weight quickly and many of them are into the sport. To top it off I’m always at the club so I can easily fit workouts in before or after my shift.

I am going to make this happen. No binge eating 3 weeks out. No major cheating on my diet. No giving up. You can hold me to it!

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