“Cranky When Hungry”

I don’t know about other competitors, but I should definitely come with the disclaimer “Cranky when hungry”…

The hardest part of training for a show is not making it to the gym. That’s the easy part. That’s the part we are all slightly addicted to.

What can make or break a competitor (in my opinion) is diet. The diet is not easy and trying to complete every day tasks on top of all of your training becomes even harder.

As of now food is no longer an item of enjoyment. There is no going to a restaurant and checking out what they have to offer on their specials menu. Food is fuel. Period.

Trips to the grocery store become fairly quick. The only items on my shopping list are eggs, chicken, green veggies, sweet potato and oatmeal. There is never any guess work!

So why the disclaimer you ask?

1. There is no variety and you’re eating the same thing day in and day out for not just a few weeks but a few months
2. Portions are very strict and although you eat 5x a day, you’re really not eating all that much
3. Nobody enjoys that overwhelming feeling of starvation… Try feeling that way 24/7… Like can’t sleep because you’re too hungry
4. If you are thrown off your eating schedule you can come to the point where you like your body is shutting down
5. It messes with your hormones (once your body fat % starts getting into such low ranges you are a hormonal wreck!)

Let’s look at some of my not so proud moments where my disclaimer would come on handy…

This past April, while preparing for my first show, I had the honor of standing up in a good friends wedding. The wedding was out of town, so when it came time for the rehearsal dinner and wedding weekend I had to stay overnight. I packed my own food. Yes, I even had the restaurant plate my food for me at the rehearsal! The wedding rehearsal was a long day. I went a few hours before we got to the restaurant without eating. It took a while for our food to come out… Even everyone else was complaining. When the food finally made it to the table mine was of course dead last.

Doesn’t seem too bad right?! Well, before my food arrived I started shutting down. The smile was wiped from my face. I wouldn’t speak to anyone. I got that annoying antsy bounce in my legs and at one point had to excuse myself to the ladies room where I cried uncontrollably. Did I want to be embarrassing and behave this way? No flipping way! But it happened…

Or how about my recent trip to NYC to visit my family? First off let me just say never try and take a veggie or piece of chicken from a girl who weighs her food to the gram and shreds her chicken just so it looks like there is more of it! Take it one step further and my brother actually ate an entire chicken breast on me :0 Oh hot damn!

The Friday I was there we spent a solid 12 hours in the city for most of which we spent walking around. There was a 5 hour window in which my only food consumption was a veggie juice made at one of those street side stands… I don’t know how you feel about that stuff but this one was gross!

I started getting a little shaky and turned into a slightly less pleasant version of myself (aka I was a tremendous bitch). It wasn’t until I forced everyone to sit down at this local joint where I shoveled some grilled chicken and lettuce into my mouth that anyone even wanted to be around me. I know it doesn’t sound to terrible but my friend Amanda and my family can confirm that I can be a bit of a nightmare!

Long story not so short… Never come between me and food when I’m dieting! If you do I cannot be responsible for any physical or emotional harm that may be cast upon you 🙂

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