Putting Things in Perspective


My Figure coach the great Terry Stokes shared a post yesterday about one of his national competitors that just had a show this past weekend titled “Shut up… Become a Champion”.

What a wake up call! It definitely made me realize a few things. I attacked this process with a different mindset the first time around. I was so determined. Mentally invincible (for the majority anyway… We all remember my slip ups towards the end!).

This time around I treated it like a joke. Because of this I have to push my first show date back. I’m crossing my fingers for 10/13 instead of 9/29… I can without a doubt admit failure. The true test is do I have the guts to push forward and make it a success?

I have so much more to give and I need to leave it all out there… If I can’t do that I better stop calling myself a competitor and throw in the towel. Luckily I don’t accept failure as an end result!

My attitude, mindset and determination need to be adjusted. The time, effort and suffering are all worth the end result.

No more excuses it’s time to get it done!

Terry’s post is something I plan on keeping handy to constantly remind myself what I am made of and what it takes to be a true champion! “Shut Up… Become a Champion” – Terry Stokes


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