The Man at the Train Station

The other day after work I was waiting for my older brother to meet me at Penn Station so we could ride the train home together. Of course I stood around in front of the LIRR station board for a good 30 minutes just waiting.

I took a picture for a complete stranger who doesn’t come to New York often and posed in front of the pay phones wearing his too hip for me to handle sunglasses.

While I spent too much time being frustrated with Pandora totally shitting the bed on me, I watched a man stand by a garbage can eating what looked like popcorn and didn’t think much about it. A few minutes later I watched the same man walk to the next garbage can to start looking for some scraps. Now this probably isn’t out of the ordinary at all and most people probably wouldn’t have even been there long enough to give it a second thought, but it broke my heart a little bit.

So I marched over to McDonald’s (not my usual stomping ground) and picked up a McChicken sandwich. ::hint hint… I wasn’t planning on eating it let alone anything else from McDonald’s::

I had given a man a sandwich who couldn’t have been more grateful. I’m aware I didn’t cure world hunger or significantly even change his life a little bit, but maybe it gave him a small glimmer of hope.

I know I could never buy a sandwich for everyone who is starving and scrounging for food, but I hope I never become so consumed with myself that I pass up an opportunity to help out someone in need when possible… No matter how small the feat.

4 thoughts on “The Man at the Train Station

  1. You are an amazing woman Stephanie! I will miss you but I am sure it is great to be back home! Best of luck to you my sweet girl, may all your dreams come true! xo


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