Caution: Fast Moving Traffic Ahead

Not only does it feel like if you walk anything less than 100mph through Penn Station or the streets of midtown you’ll be trampled by the fast moving stampede of people, but don’t you dare take a breath at the office.

Making it here means you leave all fear and inhibitions behind. You have to be willing to throw down and give it everything you have.

My new position requires nothing but phone sales alllllll day long. It’s not an easy sell either. All calls are outgoing and majority of people don’t want to give you the time of day. With that in mind lets review the fact that I used to be embarrassed to pick up a phone to order takeout. A previous sales job also required cold calling, on a smaller scale, and I hated it. Who the hell likes cold calling?!

Since last week was spent training, yesterday was the first day I really got on the phone. At first I wasn’t even pitching, I was just trying to find out contact names for the 100 leads I received. After the first couple I realized in order to do this job and do it right I have to stop worrying about what the people on the other side of the line think. After all I’m just doing what I’m being paid to do, just like the executives, secretaries, etc that answer my calls.

So approach life with the same mentality as walking through a crowded Penn Station… Move fast. Don’t be afraid to fall. Falling will just help you learn to sand up again.

Ps don’t forget to hit the breaks once and a while to enjoy the things you work so hard for 😊

Just saw this on FB and I thought it went perfectly with this post…


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