New Found Appreciation For Daylight Savings

The last few weeks have been quite hectic. From interviewing one weekend, packing my life up the next, moving the following weekend after that, to starting a new job and new life that Monday, I haven’t had much of a chance to sit back and relax. Therefore I must admit that when I realized this past Sunday was daylight savings time and I was going to lose an hour of sleep I was anything but happy.

I never really understood the point of daylight savings. I mean I knew I liked when it rolled around in the fall and I had an extra hour of sleep or extra hour to stay out. Ya know what ever I wanted to use the silly hour for. It makes total sense that I wouldn’t get to just add up a bunch of hours gained my whole life. After all it has to balance out. But why add and subtract hours anyway?!

Last night I hopped off my train at the Hicksville station at about quarter to 7 and what do ya know… It was still light out. First time that’s happened since I started my new job. It oddly enough made me feel energized. I didn’t even nap on the ride home!

To top it off, it was dark when I got in my car this morning, but as I was standing on the platform… Freezing my tush off today by the way… The funniest thing happened. The sun came up.

A week ago I was starting and ending my day under the cover of dark skies. This week I can see the light! (I know so cheesy right?!)

Now that I’ve made a short story into a not so short story, my point is, I have found new appreciation for Daylight Savings. Maybe balancing it out isn’t so bad after all.


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