Ever notice how impersonal things have become?

I spend an hour on a train with strangers every morning and another hour every afternoon. Usually I see some of the same people because I always wait at the same spot on the platform, board the same car and I guess I’m not the only creature of habit.

While its nice to ride with familiar faces, I will probably never say anything other than “excuse me” or “can I get in here” to a single one of them.

Much like I am admittedly guilty of at this very moment, every is so consumed with their own devices that its so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Right now the girl to my right is reading a book on her Nook, the person in front of me is playing around on her iPad, the adorable man next to me is on his cellphone (as am I), and the person behind me… Well that would just be weird if I turned around to find out.

Don’t think that it stops with the train either. Walking through the street I’d say probably a solid 90% of people have their headphones in. When my coworkers go downstairs for a cigarette, they bring their headphones. 50% of people sitting in cafes at lunch are ALSO wearing headphones. Who would’ve guessed?

Surrounded by millions of people, yet we’re all strangers. It’s a little harder to meet new people here than I anticipated. I mean man vs technology… I think technology is beating me right now.

I’m going to run a little experiment. Starting today (because I’d like to talk to the person next to me), right after this post I’m going to put away my phone and music and see what happens. I will give it a week. If it makes no difference, my headphones will go back in and I will keep my head down like everyone else.

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