Stories on a train.

While I may not have made any friends by unplugging my headphones, I sure have opened myself up for some entertaining ease-dropping.

I apologize in advance if the story is less interesting than when I heard it as obviously it was simply “listened-in” on.

I was inconspicuously overhearing a story that some dude (I’m using dude because he’s not a man… But kinda not a kid… And guy would just be too ordinary) was telling his mom. He has this friend… lets call her Beth…who was crushed that her fiancé had moved to California. While adjusting to her life in New York without her man and awaiting her chance to join him in sunny CA, she stumbled upon this chick’s blog (I’ve used dude, so why not chick).

This other chick had been going through a similar situation and was sharing it with the online community (people will read anything, obviously, after all you’re currently reading this). Beth decided to comment on one of this chick’s posts one day letting her know that she isn’t the only one going through a rough time and she feels her pain.

Beth and the blogger decided to connect and help each other out. They became online pen-pals and would share the good and the bad. They learned that they had much more in common than their situations. For example some similar tastes in food and music… And oh yeah… Their first name. Yes both Beth and blogger chick are named Beth.

After some time (now this is where I knew the twist would come in, although it was quite the predicament I had in mind) Beth and the blogger chick decided they should meet for coffee or something.

To prevent some awkward meeting at a coffee shop where they’re both sitting at separate tables looking around wondering if the other is there, or the cliche “I will be carrying a yellow rose” bit you see in movies, they decided to swap pics. The blogger Beth went first. (Here’s where I anticipated something really fishy). Beth opens the attachment… And… Drum roll please… It’s a lovely picture of Blogger Beth and Beth fiancé!

Apparently they shared a little more than common interests and a name.

Beth’s last communication to her man was the picture Blogger Beth sent complete with a sweet little sentiment “I was wondering what life in California would be like” mailed to his sunny CA address.

The End.

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