Switching it up

Variety. While its not something I’m a huge fan of when it comes to my food, I am a huge supporter of switching up my workouts!

I will forever have my favorite exercises that I love to hate (burpees, dumbbell push-up rows, Kettlebell swings, any form of cardio), but I do like to challenge myself with new exercises, styles and environments.

On Monday I took my first authentic kickboxing class. It was AWESOME. I didn’t die like I had anticipated, which only means I have to try harder. I got to use real boxing gloves, and run through different rounds of combinations with a MMA fighter holding the pads.

Best part was how welcoming everyone was. I was one of 3 girls in a giant warehouse of sweaty people… Kinda like a tamed version of fight club 😛

The cardio was great. Between last night and this morning I can definitely feel that it activated muscles that I don’t typically use, especially like that. It’s definitely something I’m going to try and work in at least once a week to supplement my workouts.

There are a lot of benefits to switching it up. Here’s what immediately comes to mind:
1. You don’t get bored! Exercise is essential, but not everyone enjoys it at the same capacity. Putting variety into your routines will keep you from reaching that point of monotony, which becomes a deterrent for a lot of people.
2. Much like kickboxing did for me, different exercises, styles, and routines will engage your body differently.

I am always open to trying something new for my program. You should be too!

PS – suggestions and recommendations are welcomed 😊

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