New Kicks

No show prep season is complete with out a brand new pair of gym shoes!

I snuck over to Foot Locker on my lunch break today and picked up a sweet pair of Asics Gel-Fuji Racer sneakers that I’m so anxious to try out I’m actually wearing them at work!

As you can probably imagine, my workout shoes get A LOT of use. The right sneaker can make or break me at the gym. I need something that will allow me to run, jump, lift, etc.

The shoe has to be flexible enough that I’m not like a brick hitting the ground after a jump squat and enough bend so I can drive through my heels during a bar squat. But I also need stability and support. I have bad ankles so while running or during exercises requiring a lot of balance and stability I need to be supported. And with a weak right knee I need to take a little pressure off that joint!

After 4 different styles of shoes, and a number of in field tests… Yes I sprinted, lunged, and squatted in the Foot Locker on 34th by Penn Station… I ended up with my new kicks 😊

Can’t wait to take them for a spin for real!


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