Active Recovery

We often forget that letting our bodies recover is just as important as working up a sweat in the gym.

I just started CrossFit this month at CrossFit Strong Island in Merrick, NY. While I don’t 100% agree with the overall philosophy, I have definitely missed the group workout environment. Having everyone else suffer just as much as me, while I push harder and harder to keep up with the best.

Four solid workouts in a row I completed the women’s RX WOD and crushed the member times. Four workouts in a row I stayed right behind the top guys in the group. It feels great to be in a competitive environment like that again.

After 4 straight days, a shoulder wrenching WOD convinced me that I need a day to recover. But recovery doesn’t mean I have to lay on my couch eating ice cream. I opt for an active recovery.

Pilates roll up, single leg stretch, single leg circles, double leg stretch and bicycle crunches to engage my core and help stretch out my hip flexors.

Dynamic warmup exercises to loosen up my hip flexors and stretch out my hamstrings, calves and quads.

30 minutes of increasing sprint intervals

10 minuets of core

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