Om Nom Nom

Workout, workout, workout. Yes, gym time and cardio time are key when training for a competition. The time you spend reflects 100% in the development of your physique and overall strength and conditioning. But it’s not all about the gym.

Diet, diet, diet. There is NO substitute for eating a clean, concise diet during your show training. Everything is calculated to help you maintain as much muscle mass as possible while quickly dropping body fat.

In the past diet is definitely what I have struggled with. It takes an incredible amount of self control. Lately I find that all I want to eat is chicken, sweet potato and veggies. Oh and of course my morning oatmeal. While my cravings are few and far between, that in no way means the hunger pains have subsided!

Hungry. That’s how I’d describe my general demeanor during training. I eat, sometimes all too quickly, and 15 minutes later I’m hungry again. It actually makes me sad when my oatmeal bowl is empty.

When I do not get to eat every few hours, or I drop food, or someone drops it for me, I may be one of the least pleasant people around.

I guess the whole point of this post was to say I’m hungry. I was hoping keeping myself distracted would quiet the feeling for a bit. I was wrong.


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