In search of greatness

Have you ever felt as if you were really good at a lot of things, but exceptional at nothing?

I’m not quite sure what has prompted this little rant of mine. In fact, it is most likely an accumulation of things.

I think it originated with the book I read on my train ride from Buffalo to NYC on Sunday, “Dear Girls Above Me” by Charlie McDowell. Which if you haven’t read it, it should. It is quite hilarious. Anyway, the book reminded me so much of my own personal train of thought and sense of humor, just grammatically correct.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if I could do something like that.

The last few days were spent attempting to revive my blogging and social media efforts for both professional and recreational reasons. I’ve read a number of articles shared on becoming twitterific, as well as thoughts and inspirations shared via LinkedIn. The authors of these articles, blogs, etc. are all revered as experts in the fields or on the topics their discussing. Readers hold their opinions in high regard.

Thus, it has dawned on me. I’m pretty damn good at a number of things, but I can put my finger on one thing that I am exceptional at.

Let’s review.
I’m a pretty decent personal trainer, or at least I was when I was training. Now I’m just pretty good at kicking my own butt.
I know a good deal about marketing, building and fostering business and relationships. Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough experiences to grow those skills.
I have a decent singing voice, but only to the point where I can sing along decently to songs without people cringing or I’m “that girl” at karaoke.
I can navigate my way through certain design programs. Just not to the point it would have any weight on my applicable skills in a job hunt.
I’m a good enough dancer, when everyone else has had a few drinks.

I could go on, as we all know I am sometimes long winded. The point is, I think I would like to find something that others would regard me as exceptional at, or at least better than average.

In conclusion, as suggested in a LinkedIn article I read about 20 minutes ago, I am going to become a “yes” person. No this isn’t going to turn into some strange spinoff of the Jim Carrey movie. Simply, I am going to pursue what I meant to over a year and a half ago when I started this blog and dive head first into new experiences. Will I still write a lot about health and fitness? You bet your sweet ass! Seriously, what kind of question is that?! But it’s time to hone my skills, problem being I haven’t decided what I will be exceptional at, so I will just have to try my hand at life and see where I end up!

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